Three Takeaways for Communicators from TVE4

My three top takeaways from the Virtual Event on Virtual Events, and how you can serve your people by sharing the things you learn.

I try to attend something every year that’s outside of but adjacent to my field. It helps me see things with fresh eyes. New possibilities, solutions to old problems, and a break from the routine.  I recently attended The Virtual Event for Virtual Events and came away inspired and energized.

Here are my top three takeaways for any communicator (even if you’re not doing events):

  1. Write in sand, not cement. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Jump in. Get into the mix. Have those fun awkward conversations as you figure things out. Go on a journey with your people and figure it out together! 
  2. Macro clear, micro easy. Get absolutely clear on what problem you solve for the people you serve. How do you make a difference for them? Once you’re clear on that, the other things fall into place.
  3. Show what’s possible. Everything you do shows the people you serve what is possible, so you can’t afford to play small. 

My challenge to you:
Take something you learned through an event, conference, sermon, or personal experience and share that with your with your audience. 

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