Four Words Every Nonprofit Leader Needs to Master

Mission and vision are words we hear often, but we can struggle to differentiate between them.  As leaders, communicators, and fundraisers, the confusion can cost us.

We have a great cause! Why won’t people join us? Why don’t they give?

Maybe it’s because we’re not being clear. They can’t see the big picture, and they don’t understand what we’re doing or how what we do fits in with the big picture. In this episode, I’m talking about vision, mission, goals, something I call handles, and how all of these work together.

  1. Vision (1:24)
  2. Mission (4:14)
  3. Goals (7:34)
  4. Handles (8:33)

Understanding these four words, and training our team to use them in the same way, will help us to more easily see our collaborators, and connect with the hearts of the people that God sends across our paths. It will help us to express more freely and more clearly what we’ve set out to do, and how people can be a part of it.

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