Season Three of Life & Mission

Welcome to season three of the Life and Mission podcast!

As we start season three, you’ll notice some changes:

  1. More focus. You know I love to see where ministry and business can cross over and help each other, but I’ve found that most of the people coming to me for help are in the ministry, missions and nonprofit space that’s so close to my heart. Most episodes will now focus on something you can put into practice to improve your organization’s fundraising through storytelling and improving your written communications.
  2. Shorter episodes. Most new episodes will be less than 20 minutes long.
  3. Solo episodes. I love doing interviews, and I love to introduce you to experts and inspiring people. I’m still doing this, but less frequently.
  4. No gaps. Shorter episodes allow me to be more consistent, with at least two new episodes each month. 😊

I do hope you will find it useful and inspiring. You know what we say: find your voice, tell your story, change the world.

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