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Life and Mission

A podcast for those who seek to integrate daily life and a larger purpose.
Find your voice. Tell your story. Change the world.


025: Allison Mayer, Witness with Images

Allison Mayer is a photojournalist, using images to tell true stories and to help us understand the world. She describes herself as witness, storyteller and artist. She reminds us not to get so caught up in the story we want to tell that we miss the story unfolding before us.

From Attorney to Ghostwriter – Nick Pavlidis

After more than a decade practicing law, Nick Pavlidis changed the direction of his career to better fit the lifestyle he wanted for his family. He now runs two work-from-anywhere businesses, Authority Ghostwriting and Attorney Marketing Institute, which allow him to work in his strengths and build the best life for his family.

Public Speaking with Aurora Gregory

Public Speaking with Aurora Gregory

Aurora Gregory has built marketing strategies for some of the biggest names in business for more than 25 years. She’s a big believer in the power of public speaking as a business building tool. She co-authored the book “Get Picked: Tips, Tricks and Tools for Creating An Irresistible Speaker Proposal.”

Ethan Bryan – Baseball and Storytelling

Ethan Bryan – Baseball and Storytelling

Ethan Bryan is an author, musician, storyteller, and passionate fan of the Kansas City Royals. His stories are a celebration of life and the game of baseball. I talked to Ethan about his books, stories of the game, and how storytelling touches our souls. He’s also got...

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Life & Mission is a podcast with a new show every other week. It’s a mixed format of interviews and solo programs with your host, Kay Helm. Topics include calling and mission, and living life in pursuit of a greater purpose. Get focused on what truly matters, get tips and tools to overcome challenges and get un-stuck, and discover how you can change the world.
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