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Life and Mission

A podcast for those who seek to integrate daily life and a larger purpose.
Find your voice. Tell your story. Change the world.


Content Repurposing for the Real World

In this four-part course, I’ll show you where to find your content gems, and how to repurpose content without all the overwhelm.

I’m excited to bring you Life and Mission Season 3, starting THIS WEEK! Look for a new epsiode Thursday, February 3rd. 

Where is God?

Where is God?

I was struggling. I found myself sitting at a picnic table praying a simple, desperate prayer: “Jesus, I need you to come have lunch with me.” He did, just not in the way I expected.

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Life & Mission is a podcast with a new show every other week. It’s a mixed format of interviews and solo programs with your host, Kay Helm. Topics include calling and mission, and living life in pursuit of a greater purpose. Get focused on what truly matters, get tips and tools to overcome challenges and get un-stuck, and discover how you can change the world.
This 4-minute episode explains.

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