Essentials of Hope – Emeka Nnaka

UPDATE: At the time of this recording, the show was called The Your Voice Podcast. Since this recording, Kay has rebranded to Life and Mission.

Emeka Nnaka was on his way. He had a future playing football – until a life-changing tackle left him paralyzed. In this interview, Emeka shares his story and what he’s learned about hope, purpose, and being human.

[00:03:30] Emeka tells how his life changed in an instant.

[00:08:36] I never knew what hope was until I lost all of it.

[00:14:31] The hardest part.

[00:22:42] Finding meaning and purpose.

[00:25:18] I knew that if I was going to add value to anyone, to add value to this world, that I needed to make sure I added value to myself.

[00:32:36] Making a masterpiece out of a mess. The art lesson.

Every mess can be a masterpiece

[00:40:22] Three essential elements of hope.

[00:52:58] Anything that we do, our ultimate goal has to be centered around serving people.

[00:54:56] People Matter. Emeka talks about what happens when he visits kids in the shelter.

Emeka is a professional motivational speaker and leading advocate for individuals with physical challenges. He brings a message of determination, inspiration, and hope to audiences of all ages.


Instagram- @emekannaka
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Facebook – Emeka Nnaka
Youtube – FromWhereiSit

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