Blogging Success – Interview with Katie Horner (Ep.17)

UPDATE: At the time of this recording, the show was called The Your Voice Podcast. Since this recording, Kay has has rebranded to Life and Mission.

Katie is the founder and CEO of Blogging Successfully and The Blog Connection, an online membership community helping midlife women spread their message and increase their income.

Getting Started & Getting it Done

[00:01:01] Katie tells about how she got started with business on the mission field.

[00:08:42] Work/Life balance.
We say it’s not balance, it’s blending. You cannot separate who you are in God from what you do on a daily basis. And God has called us to all of these things. And so we are blending all of these things together.

You cannot separate who you are in God from what you do on a daily basis.

The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it. (Thessalonians 5: 24)

Katie talks about being available for her family while meeting the demands of ministry and business.

[00:13:16] Any marketer knows you need to identify the audience. Listen to Katie describe her audience and the ways she can serve them. She’s done a great job identifying who she serves and what their needs are.

[00:15:57] “We all have a message…We all have something somebody else needs. And so I just come alongside them and and take away those speed bumps so that they can get that out there. And then we look at ways to monetize the message and things like that as well. So that ultimately it pays for itself and then becomes an income stream for them.”

The tech issue isn't an issue if you have someone who can explain it.

By building a community for support, Katie takes some of the pressure of herself and provides a platform for others.

[00:21:22] A lot of people wonder how they can do this without being an expert. Katie shares a way to think about what it means to position yourself as someone who can teach others. I might just put this part of the interview in a loop and listen to it over and over.

You don't have to be an expert.

[00:24:13] The online world can be confusing. Katies says, “There are so many variables that you almost can’t have an exact formula, but you can have a strategy.”

[00:26:04] If you’re going to be successful, you need to see it as a business and treat it as a business.

[00:32:12] Support services and even more opportunities

Keys to Success

[00:34:35] Katie shares the three key things you need to succeed as a blogger:

  • Guts. It doesn’t matter who tells you you can’t. You need to do this, if this is what God has called you to do.
  • Marketing. It’s not a dirty word. It just means the way to let people know about what you have to offer them. It’s a way to let people know how you can help them.
  • Keep God front and center of your business. Don’t get distracted.
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