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Don’t Stop Now! Do this to raise funds at year-end.

Don’t Stop Now! Do this to raise funds at year-end.

Here's your encouraging word for end of year fundraising: Don't stop! In this episode, I'll tell you what you should send donors between now and December 31 to raise funds. At this time of year, it's tempting to think...

Plan your storytelling. Get more funding.

Hit-or-miss fundraising leads to hit-or-miss funding for your mission.
That’s why I designed the Mission Writers Story Calendar specifically for missions and small ministries to plan ahead and stay on track.

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Storytelling and writing are essential skills for missionaries, ministry and nonprofit leaders. In fact, if you struggle to tell stories, you’ll struggle to raise the funds you need.

Host Kay Helm is a writer & editor with experience in missions and the business world. She founded Mission Writers in 2022 to help missionaries write fundraising appeals and powerful stories to share with supporters.

In this podcast, she offers tips you can use today to improve your missions & nonprofit writing. 

Mission Writers helps you develop and practice essential storytelling skills to help increase funding for your mission.

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