Creating a Community for Writers, with Brandy Wallner of Hope*Writers

Brandy is a community writer for Hope*Writers, tasked with building community and keeping members on track.

Community - ep 56

I sat down with Brandy Wallner to talk about three things writers and creatives need to succeed.

  1. A guide
  2. Good, fresh information
  3. Community

Do you dream of publishing your writing but you’re not sure what to do next (or where to start)? Check out this free quiz to help you identify where you are on the writing path.

Hope*Writers is a community of working writers dedicated to helping you make progress as you learn to balance the art of writing with the business of publishing.

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I am a HopeWriter affiliate, which means if you become a member of the HopeWriter community, I get paid. That helps keep this podcast going. Thank you!


Brandy is a community writer at Hope*Writers, and a freelance content writer and ghostwriter. She’s passionate about helping people connect with one another as mutual image bearers of Christ. You can connect with her at or on Instagram at @brandywallner.

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