Confident in Who You’re Called to Be – Katie Hornor (#35)

Katie Hornor started her businesses with no savings, no loans, and no debt. She has overcome incredible odds in growing her business. Her latest book is Faith Like Flamingos – The Christian Business Guide to Walking Out Your Faith in Bold Color.

Don’t let the big pink birds fool you, Katie is serious about helping us as Christian entrepreneurs to overcome imposter syndrome and take big, bold steps to be who God created us to be.

The seed for Faith Like Flamingos started on a family vacation to see flamingos in the wild, where Katie realized these beautiful creatures were just like us in many ways. 

Each one of them is unique and different and God has created each of us unique and different too. And when we don’t step up and give the message that we’ve been given to give, someone on the other end is not receiving the help that God created us to give them so that they can fulfill their purpose.

Katie Hornor
that quirk may be your super power

In the book, she takes a different characteristic of the Flamingo in each chapter and draws from biblical principles to make a business application that mirrors that characteristic of the Flamingo. Things like:

  • not hiding who you are 
  • being bold to be who you were created to be regardless of your surroundings
  • not being afraid to live where God puts you
  • standing together with others so we can all succeed

When you sit there and say, I can’t do that because I’m not like so-and-so. You’re forgetting about the unique voice God has given you to call those people and to motivate them into action.

Katie Hornor
Katie Horner, author, coach

Katie is always on the lookout for ways to inspire and challenge her clients. This time she’s recruited a flock of flamingos to help Christian entrepreneurs see just how fabulous they really are.


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